Quality Policy Statement

Revision 1, 12 May 2019

1. Purpose

The purpose of the NOVOMET Quality Policy Statement is to communicate the organizational directives that will help all employees, irrespective of their function and level within the organization, commit to maintaining and improving quality throughout all activities undertaken by the organization. It has been endorsed by our CEO and is reviewed annually by top management to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate for enabling a commitment to quality throughout NOVOMET.

Employee understanding of the Quality Policy statement is integral to establishing, developing, and sustaining a quality culture throughout NOVOMET.

2. Policy Statement

The NOVOMET Group is an international holding that leads in the manufacture of equipment and technology and the provision of services to the energy sector. NOVOMET has a network of service centres throughout international locations.

The purpose of NOVOMET is to become a world leader in the design, development, manufacture, and provision of equipment and services for production, pumping, and transfer of oil, gas, and geothermal water. NOVOMET’s expansion in the range of products and services available to our customers is supported by our active development of innovative technologies and solutions.

NOVOMET equipment and technology allows our customers to expand their oil production capabilities (even in severe conditions, including offshore fields) and to apply smart technologies to oil and gas production, and to develop geothermal energy.

NOVOMET top management is committed to providing service-related products and services that meet the expectations of our customers and comply with established quality objectives through the implementation and continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System. The current Policy provides a framework for setting quality objectives.

At NOVOMET, we believe that quality is everyone’s responsibility. All employees shall be committed to maintaining and improving quality in all activities undertaken by the organization through adherence to eight fundamental principles:

  • Compliance to applicable requirements.
  • Be customer focused.
  • Follow processes and a systematic approach.
  • Be competent to perform.
  • Embrace continuous learning and improvement.
  • Assess and manage risk throughout the job cycle.
  • Use a factual approach to decision making.
  • Form mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

3. Commitment

  • NOVOMET top management shall ensure that the Quality Policy Statement is communicated, understood, implemented, and maintained at all NOVOMET locations and work sites.
  • At NOVOMET, we believe that the maintenance and improvement of quality is everyone’s responsibility, irrespective of their function and level within the organization.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to assist with the establishment, continued development, and sustainability of a quality culture throughout the organization.

Approval Signature:
Maxim Perelman